The Challenge

Hoover has established itself as one of the most trusted brands in America by designing quality home cleaning products for over 100 years. With the Hoover Air Cordless Lift Vacuum, they were hoping to highlight the technical innovations of this new product line, including a cordless lithium ion battery and lift-off canister for easy disposal.

The Solution

While M2 handled the media for the long-form advertising campaign, Mojo delivered a fully responsive website that stayed true to Hoover’s well-known branding. The campaign was a success, reaching No. 9 on the IMS Top 100 Media Ranking Chart for Long Form DRTV. This success led to Hoover selling its new product line in retail stores and also on HSN (Home Shopping Network).

Who Else But Hoover?


Staying On Brand

Mojo is no rookie when it comes to working with big brands, which we have proved time and time again. With Hoover, it was no different. It is important for a well-known name like Hoover to follow strict branding guidelines when it comes to design. Mojo came through with a beautifully branded website that stays true to the Hoover name, but differentiates itself enough to feel fresh. Trust us on this; we’re not just blowing hot air.

A/B Testing

When you have multiple offers, but aren’t sure which one will sell the best, what do you do? A/B tests, of course! With Mojo, creating A/B tests is as easy as the click of a button. Test different offers or even different designs in just seconds! And with our downloadable Excel reports, your marketing team can gather statistics with ease.

Responsive Web Design

Mojo knows that a lot of eCommerce occurs on mobile devices these days, so we understand the importance of good mobile design. All of our websites are built to look great on phones, tablets, and any other devices smaller than computers. In this day and age, effective responsive design is a must!