SSL Encryption has become a necessity nowadays.  While Mojo’s checkout pages have always (obviously) been secured with the highest-possible SSL certificates automatically (and free), it’s time to bring the same security to our landing pages.

In the past, our customers could install their own SSL certificate for their domains, but the process was cumbersome.  CSR files, certificate files, installation on our infrastructure…it took too many steps, took too long, and cost too much.

Mojo is pleased to announce 100% automated SSL certificate setups for our clients.  But wait, there’s more! Not only is the SSL certificate installation100% automated, but it’s immediate and less expensive than any other option available to you!

  • $39.95 per site, per year, per country, for 1 domain
  • $59.95 per site, per year, per country, for unlimited domains

Ask your account manager to set up SSL and we’ll have your site protected in just a few hours!