What’s worse than when your e-commerce website is down and unable to take orders?  Your website being up and incorrectly taking orders…and you don’t notice for weeks.  That’s what.

Just imagine taking a few dozen orders per day but the product is backordered at the fulfillment company isn’t yet shipping.  Then, a few weeks later when the product starts to ship, you realize you had disabled credit card authorizations while testing and forgot to enable it again.  Of course you only notice when the fulfillment company can’t find the authorizations for 750 orders.  That’s a quick $50,000 mistake because of a single mouse-click.

And trust me, it happens.

Mojo’s Monday morning SnapShot emails were designed to reduce the impact of these types of mistakes.  This email points out the current settings of your site with clear visualizations for your site’s most-critical settings.

But learning of a key setting’s change the next Monday isn’t soon enough.  To fix this, we’re pleased to announce our new Critical Alerts feature!

Critical notification emails are sent the moment key settings are changed in Mojo Admin and will originate from your account manager’s email address.  So if you have any questions you can just reply to the email.  Easy!

Our Critical Alert emails will be sent when:

  1. Credit Card Authorization has been turned OFF
  2. Credit Card Authorization has been turned ON
  3. Your fulfillment exports have been turned OFF
  4. Your fulfillment exports have been turned ON
  5. An order has been DECLINED by your fulfillment company (this will only work for API fulfillment integrations)
  6. An order is AWAITING RECOVERY

You can manage these settings in Mojo Admin / Site Settings / General:

We hope you enjoy the peace of mind our new Critical Alerts offer!