We quietly launched the biggest development project Mojo has ever undertaken, our brand new website editor, back in September.  We’ve been using the new Mojo Editor internally to build websites and have had select clients using it for the past 3 months as well.

One of the features of the new Mojo Editor is that it will web-optimize every image automatically when you publish your site to production.  It’s a great feature and will save you from accidentally using a 10MB JPG on a website.

That said, we vastly underestimated how popular this would be with our designers.  Our first bill from the image optimizing API (we use Kraken Image Optimizer) included nearly 300GB in overages.  Oops.  But hey, it’s just a happy accident as Bob Ross would say.  There were overages because it was popular, so I guess that’s a good problem to have.

We upgraded the account to make this feature a bit more economical on our side.