Create High-Converting eCommerce Landing Pages for Your Clients

With Mojo’s eCommerce landing pages, your agency will be able to take your clients’ results to the next level, faster than you would ever imagine.

Higher conversions for your clients mean more success for your agency. Set up your agency with Mojo to see how you can triple the eCommerce conversion rates of your clients with our simple-to-use landing page software.


"At the peak under the Magento umbrella, Thane employed 12 developers, 4 designers, and two SEO specialists. After migrating to Mojo, Thane now employs 2 designers and 1 SEO specialist while at the same time we tremendously reduced our time to production. This micro team continues to knock out high-quality sites with fully tracked, multi-channel marketing campaigns within a few days as opposed to months.

Thane is no longer investing in IT, we are investing in making sales."

Jason Cochran, CTO


eCommerce Landing Pages Designed to Convert

Good marketers know websites that contain too many distractions don’t convert as well as dedicated landing pages. Great marketers know that a conversion-focused, fast-loading and simple-to-use eCommerce landing page software is where it’s at. 

When your agency is ready to switch to a landing page tool that anyone on your team can use, jam-packed with integrations and features, all for a price that can’t be beat, make the switch to Mojo.

If conversion rate optimization, ease of use, and customization are important to you, you’ll love the built-in suite of tools we offer. Say it with us: no more plugins!

Free – and proven – product landing page templates
Best conversion rates in the industry
100% responsive landing pages
Unlimited landing page testing
100+ Integrations
95+ Google PageSpeed Insight scores

Manage All Your Clients in One Place

Tired of managing multiple client logins or rebuilding awesome templates across different domains? With Mojo, agencies save time and effort with our advanced client management features that provide all the personalization your clients expect.


Complete design


Have clients with internal graphic design teams or talented copywriters? Give them their own creative control while you continue to manage their advertising.

One-click page and settings duplication

Either within your client’s existing account, or from account-to-account, don’t waste time repeating what you already know works.

Advanced client management

Have lots of people working within a client account? Create sub accounts or set permissions to give your clients the access they need.

Anyone Can Use the Mojo Platform…Anyone

Mojo was built from the ground up to give its users complete control over their landing pages. Any member of your agency — or your clients — can quickly build high-converting, no-code eCommerce landing pages.

This is why Mojo is the top choice for marketers, graphic designers, or solopreneurs working alongside your agency.

Launch in days

With a simple WYSIWYG and intuitive processes built-in, your clients can launch their landing pages up in days, not weeks. Because we both know you’ve already committed to that media spend next week.

Match branding with ease

Easily match a client’s logo, branding, and style guides with complete creative control over the entire site.

Be a CRO champion

With smart A/B testing tools, upselling, cross-selling, and downselling features all built in, your clients will know what is working quicker than ever.

Agency Benefits of Using Mojo

Mojo gives you an easy way to earn recurring income, all while our industry-leading functionality and results help your client retention efforts.

Built on the back of our bad-to-the-bone eCommerce landing page platform, you’ll be able to earn extra income while having the trust in our development to help your clients win.

Earn recurring revenue

Use the power of Mojo as an additional service to earn recurring revenue.

Increase your suite of services

Using Mojo in your toolbelt allows you to include eCommerce landing page design, CRO, user experience, and obsessive ROI to your services.

Unlimited free training

Agencies benefit from unlimited free training so they can squeeze every penny out of all of our features. We don’t succeed unless your campaigns succeed.

Unlimited free support

Mojo is here to support you and ensure success in your business, which ensures success in our business. 95% of our support tickets are answered the same day!