7 of the Best eCommerce Landing Page Examples in 2022

Your landing page is often your one chance to convince a prospect to buy your product. Just getting a user to your page can be a struggle, so you don’t want to waste the opportunity once they’re there. 

Internet users’ attention spans are decreasing, so you have to entice your visitors quickly before they click the back button.

The best way to hook your visitors quickly is with great landing page UX. While it’s great to read about different strategies and best practices, sometimes the most beneficial thing to do is look at some eCommerce landing page examples. 

Below is a round-up of some of the best Mojo-powered eCommerce landing pages to guide you. Since Mojo utilizes proven, data-based landing page templates, the companies were able to build their pages quickly and begin getting conversions.

For each example, we’ll explain what makes them great pages so you can utilize the best practices in your own endeavors. While we can’t disclose their metrics, these examples are hand-picked by Mojo’s creative team for being the best in what they do with a high success rate.

eCommerce Landing Page Best Practices

If you want your landing page to convert, it’s essential to hook your prospects immediately. While many sellers put a lot of effort into creating a brand with their websites, aesthetics aren’t always as crucial with a single landing page. While you want the page to look great, the main goal is to complete the sale.

The most important thing is for your page to pass the blink test, which means the user will see all of the relevant information about your product in the time it takes to blink. You need five elements in the top fold:

  1. A photo of the product
  2. Offer details
  3. A video (if applicable)
  4. Features and benefits or what sets your product apart
  5. Call to action

The page should load quickly. Many users will hit the back button if a page doesn’t load at lightning speeds. While the focus should be on the sale, you should also have a way to collect prospects’ information so you can continue to market. 

Top 7 eCommerce Landing Page Examples

Below are seven of our favorite landing page examples to help you get inspiration for your landing pages.

Plexaderm Utilizes Compelling Graphics To Catch Attention

Plexaderm sells skincare products that help people with dark circles and signs of aging. The website gives a lot of information above the fold, including a clear statement of what they offer, a before and after picture, a video with their current offers, and logos of where they’ve been advertised.

The site catches a prospect’s attention because their before and after photos are realistic and appear to be actual results. They don’t use beautiful models or photoshopped images that show impossible-to-achieve results. The pictures include reviews and descriptions of how the product helps people.

Plexaderm’s marketing copy is clear and concise – there’s no filler, fluff, or cutesy language. Their focus is on selling, and the site quickly moves to the various products and offers that are available. The site avoids annoying popups and forms so that the prospect isn’t distracted and can concentrate on making a purchase.

How AirDoctor Pro Nails Benefit Statements

AirDoctor Pro sells HEPA air purifiers. Their site is clean and straightforward. It immediately captures the prospect’s attention with the statement that their purifier is 100x more effective than other purifiers. Their call to action is clear, with two “order now” buttons above the fold.

AirDoctor’s site does an excellent job of outlining the features and benefits of the product. It starts by using facts to inform prospects just how contaminated the air inside their homes is and then gives examples of the main contaminants the purifier removes. Next, the page outlines the features of the purifier and how it works. Prospects get a clear idea of why the purifier is superior to others.

The comparison table also adds strength to the brand by showing how the air purifier is better than the competition’s.

AirDoctor also does a lot to establish its credibility. There are logos of well-known companies who have featured their product and social proof with photos of customers with their product. There’s also scientific information to help prospects feel like the product is legitimate.

See How Spurtles Uses Call To Actions Everywhere

Spurtles creates multipurpose wooden utensils that are meant to be a convenient replacement for various kitchen utensils. The Spurtles website is an excellent example of a fundamental direct response campaign website. It immediately highlights the benefits and presents customers with an offer of two sets for the price of one. 

While many landing pages have adopted new trends, the Spurtles site is a back-to-basics design with a laser focus on its main goal: SALES. The site is short and clearly shows the prospect the features and benefits of a spurtle. 

There are a few reviews, but not so many to be overwhelming. There are also several different types of order buttons so that there’s rarely a moment when a user is on the page that they can’t immediately order.

Floor Police Makes Sure You Know Here’s Where To Order

Floor Police offers a motorized mop with double spinning mop heads. Upon landing on the page, the user views a slideshow with the key feature of the mop and the company’s compelling, creative offer: two mops and 12 pads for two installments. 

The site has a classic direct response layout. The features and benefits are clear, and you can order directly from the landing page. There’s an embedded video so you can see the mop in action. Floor Police cleverly makes us aware that their product isn’t available on Amazon, preventing us from leaving and looking for the product elsewhere.  

Happy Nappers Grabs Attention With Video

Happy Nappers are fun character sleeping sacks designed to motivate kids to take naps. The site is exciting and colorful, echoing its product style with a very clear marketing target. Above the fold, prospects can see how the product works, available offers, and an incentive to order multiple offers.

Like many other landing pages, Happy Nappers utilizes a video near the top of the page. The site differs, though, because the video is on autoplay. When someone views the site, they automatically see the video and are compelled to watch. There are also high-quality photos to make the product more appealing.

The Emeril Air Fryer Landing Page Builds Trust

The Emeril Lagasse air fryer’s landing page opens with a straightforward list of what customers will get with their orders. Since most customers already have a clear understanding of the operations and benefits of an air fryer, this classic, clean landing page works to set their air fryer apart.

The site also prominently displays celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse as he’s well-known and can build trust with customers. Features are clearly listed, along with some great pictures of food. The price is displayed, along with modern ways to pay, such as to use Affirm to finance. A charity callout at the bottom adds to the site’s ethos.

There are two different fryers that customers can choose from. The site does an excellent job of helping them choose by showing that the smaller size can cook a chicken, while the larger can cook a turkey. Users are also given an option to select their free gift, which makes it even more compelling to order.

Stealth Core Trainer Has Their Marketing Language Down

The Stealth Core Trainer works with a mobile phone to help users get their core in shape. It’s an innovative product, so their site shows an animation of it in use above the fold. Another video shows the muscles targeted so we understand the value of the product.

Stealth presents its product as a relevant and modern workout solution that naturally integrates mobile technology. There’s an easy-to-read comparison chart that clearly shows the Stealth product is favored above other fitness products. Instead of just the typical “60-day money-back guarantee,” they also say “hassle-free returns,” which is a more appealing marketing language.  

The Importance of Good Landing Pages

eCommerce landing page design is essential for making sales. Even seemingly insignificant details can have a considerable impact on your eCommerce landing page conversion rate. For example, if you remove navigation options, like the ability to visit somewhere else on the site, you’ll increase your conversions by 30-40%.

Most of the best eCommerce landing pages use videos since videos can be pretty compelling. Conversion rates can go up by 86% just through the use of video. Even simple factors, like page load speed, can have a dramatic effect. For example, the bounce rate increased by 106% when comparing pages that take one second and six seconds to load.

When you follow the eCommerce landing page best practices, you can increase conversion rates. These one-page eCommerce landing pages we’ve shared stand as great examples to guide you in your design. 

Mojo Has Done The Work For You

If you need help creating single-product landing pages, Mojo is a landing page-building platform that can help. You can get all the features you need all in one platform, and not have to search for and download various plugins.

Not only is Mojo a one-stop shop, but the templates that are available already put all of the best practices into use. So you can worry less about how to organize your page to be the most effective, and just focus on sales.

Mojo also helps you with A/B testing, which allows you to create different variations of your landing pages and get statistics to help you discover which elements work best. The best eCommerce landing pages listed above weren’t built in one iteration. Instead, they used extensive A/B testing with Mojo to develop into well-performing pages.

Mojo offers many options for you to build your site. You can use pre-designed templates or create your own from the ground up. Mojo even integrates with your sales toolkit and gives you plenty of help to increase your conversion rate. For more information, schedule a demo today!

By Greg Silvano

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