Mojo: How Developers Save Time on eCommerce Landing Page Design

Once you start to use Mojo’s eCommerce landing page builder, you won’t want to give away your new development secret weapon. With Mojo landing pages built specifically for eCommerce, you can build beautiful landing pages in hours instead of weeks.

We won't tell your clients how fast you can build an eCommerce landing page if you don’t.

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"The PPC managers at my company used to make it difficult for me to meet their development demands for eCommerce landing pages. In between the add-on functionality and various integrations of all our clients, I was admittedly going a little crazy. After we switched to Mojo, everyone at work kept commenting on how calm I was."

Rob Hatch, CTO

Digital Elevator

Teach Coworkers How to Build a Landing Page, Or Keep All the Glory for Yourself

Mojo Checkout & Flow

We heard developers loud and clear when they told us about all the grunt work they were asked to do after they handed off landing pages. So what did we do? We created an eCommerce landing page builder that anyone could use, freeing developers from mundane tasks like editing prices, swapping images, running reports, adding tracking tags and conversion pixels, and making adjustments to site copy. That list probably sounds really familiar, doesn’t it?

With the simplicity of the Mojo landing page drag-and-drop builder, anyone can learn how to build a beautiful, high-converting landing page. For developers working alongside copywriters, graphic designers, or hands-on clients, you have the choice of showing them your Mojo or teaching them your Mojo.

Either way, launching and maintaining landing pages for ecommerce products is easier than ever.

Leverage existing landing page templates

Don’t need to reinvent the wheel? Use one of Mojo’s pre-made eCommerce landing pages and swap out a few items. Then go live!

Benefit from 100% responsiveness

Deploying across desktop, tablet, and smartphones no longer needs hours of time for each view.

Leverage 100s of built-in integrations

Mojo has integrations across CRMs, merchant services, email providers, tax software, fulfillment software and more. All accessible without leaving the platform.

Never worry about PageSpeed again

Mojo does site speed optimizations for you (like image compression) so you can enjoy 95+ Google PageSpeed scores.

Pixel-perfect design control

When you need a custom design to experly match the branding of your primary website, our WYSIWYG builder allows unlimitless control, including full CSS control.

One-click page


Copy existing landing pages for the promotion of new products, copy the landing page settings, or copy both.

Add Conversion Rate Optimization Ninja to Your Skillset

With Mojo’s CRO features built right into our platform, you’ll be able to deploy marketing tests and make informed decisions like never before.

Unlimited landing page testing

A/B/C and even D/E/F/G test landing pages to find a winner. Make subtle changes like image swaps, copy adjustments, or button placement to constantly improve conversions.

Split test landing


Make big changes to your landing pages and test them side-by-side to see which performs best.



Use eye-catching discount variables to show potential customers the deals they are getting.



Want to add some countdowns or bonus incentives? Mojo makes it easy add any dynamic scripts to your website.

Upsell, cross-sell, and down-sell with ease

The funnel is under your control with the ability to upsell add-ons, cross-sell related items, or downsell if the product doesn’t match buyer intentions.

Account Management Made Easy

Whether you are managing multiple clients under your account, or you need to give access to others, the Mojo account management platform makes access and permissions easy.

One login, multi-account management

Don’t worry about having multiple logins for all of your clients or accounts. Login once and access each account separately.

Permission-based control

When you need to collaborate with other colleagues, Mojo allows permission-based control over various areas of your account for complete security.

Human support

Even developers need a little technical help sometimes. When that happens, real humans are here to help.