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Top Sites Last Week: Conversion Rates

Top Sites Last Week: Conversion Rates

Last week on Mojo, the Top 3 sites by order volume had conversion rates of: 8.11%, 8.73%, and 18.41%!

Mind you, these aren’t even the top converting sites on Mojo.  They are the sites with the highest number of orders last week.  We’re pretty proud of those conversion rates!

OK, then, what about our top 3 converting sites?  Of sites that had at least $10,000 in sales last week, the top 3 conversion rates were: 24.14%, 18.41%, and 14.29%!

Beat. That.

New Feature: Critical Alert Emails

New Feature: Critical Alert Emails

What’s worse than when your e-commerce website is down and unable to take orders?  Your website being up and incorrectly taking orders…and you don’t notice for weeks.  That’s what.

Just imagine taking a few dozen orders per day but the product is backordered at the fulfillment company isn’t yet shipping.  Then, a few weeks later when the product starts to ship, you realize you had disabled credit card authorizations while testing and forgot to enable it again.  Of course you only notice when the fulfillment company can’t find the authorizations for 750 orders.  That’s a quick $50,000 mistake because of a single mouse-click.

And trust me, it happens.

Mojo’s Monday morning SnapShot emails were designed to reduce the impact of these types of mistakes.  This email points out the current settings of your site with clear visualizations for your site’s most-critical settings.

But learning of a key setting’s change the next Monday isn’t soon enough.  To fix this, we’re pleased to announce our new Critical Alerts feature!

Critical notification emails are sent the moment key settings are changed in Mojo Admin and will originate from your account manager’s email address.  So if you have any questions you can just reply to the email.  Easy!

Our Critical Alert emails will be sent when:

  1. Credit Card Authorization has been turned OFF
  2. Credit Card Authorization has been turned ON
  3. Your fulfillment exports have been turned OFF
  4. Your fulfillment exports have been turned ON
  5. An order has been DECLINED by your fulfillment company (this will only work for API fulfillment integrations)
  6. An order is AWAITING RECOVERY

You can manage these settings in Mojo Admin / Site Settings / General:

We hope you enjoy the peace of mind our new Critical Alerts offer!

Big January!

Big January!

January is normally a busy month in the direct response industry, with lots of product launches and post-holiday updates.

This year, though – wow.

We had 76 new direct response campaigns that kicked off worldwide in January 2018.  I’ll have to look back to see how this compares to our previous busiest month, but it’s at least 50% higher.  More importantly, these are full-fledged direct response campaigns from 16 different clients, so maybe direct response is going to have a healthy year?  Fingers crossed!

Google’s “Mobile-First” Indexing & Responsive Websites

Back in 2013, Mojo committed to Responsive Web Design for all e-commerce sites running on our platform.  A recent interview Google’s Garry Illyes confirmed this was the right choice.

Starting in early 2018, according to Illyes, Google will default to indexing websites from a mobile viewpoint, not a desktop browser viewpoint.  If you use Responsive Web Design, this change will not impact your organic rankings since the desktop and mobile websites share the same content.

Any change in the way Google indexes or ranks websites is big news, but this is particularly important for e-commerce websites.  Read more here…

Full CIM Support

Full CIM Support

Secure Customer Data Management

Authorize CIM supports customer profiles that include billing, payment and shipping information. Each profile is stored on’s secure servers and assigned an ID that is used in place of all customer information.  CIM works with their Account Updater to automatically update your customers’ card-on-file information. When your customers’ credit card data is current, your multi-pay, continuity, or subscription plans keep running just fine!

If you’re already an customer,  you can sign up for CIM here.  Once you sign up, you can switch your merchant gateway information from to in Mojo Admin / Integrations / Merchant Gateway.  Easy!

Mojo’s Big SSL Update

Mojo’s Big SSL Update

SSL Encryption has become a necessity nowadays.  While Mojo’s checkout pages have always (obviously) been secured with the highest-possible SSL certificates automatically (and free), it’s time to bring the same security to our landing pages.

In the past, our customers could install their own SSL certificate for their domains, but the process was cumbersome.  CSR files, certificate files, installation on our infrastructure…it took too many steps, took too long, and cost too much.

Mojo is pleased to announce 100% automated SSL certificate setups for our clients.  But wait, there’s more! Not only is the SSL certificate installation100% automated, but it’s immediate and less expensive than any other option available to you!

  • $39.95 per site, per year, per country, for 1 domain
  • $59.95 per site, per year, per country, for unlimited domains

Ask your account manager to set up SSL and we’ll have your site protected in just a few hours!