The Mojo Platform

All the tools you’ll need to create a winning campaign.

Powerful A/B Testing

Test anything. Different marketing copy? Different Pricing? Different website design? Different upsell flows? Different checkout skin? Check. Check. Check. Check. Check.  Test anything in minutes.

100% Admin Control

If we can do it, you can do it. Change marketing copy, add a domain, change your upsells around, create an A/B test, add a promo code…you name it.

Responsive Web Design

All Mojo websites utilize responsive web design for a flawless mobile experience – a must today!  Direct Response campaigns can see as high as 80% mobile device traffic.

Visual Website Editor

HTML skills not required. Load up the site in our visual editor and edit to your heart’s content.

Open Platform

Use any digital marketing team. Use any creative team (or ours!). Use any digital marketing team (or ours!). Use any SEO team. Use your existing MailChimp or Constant Contact account. The point is that you’re not locked into using the Mojo team for everything if you don’t want to.

Coupon & Promo Codes

Add promo codes to convert your visitors into customers. Promo codes can be take a dollar amount off the order, can reduce by a percentage, can be for free shipping, and can even add a product into the cart. You can even set a maximum number of uses as well as start and end dates.

Trustworthy Metrics

Back up our metrics with your own Google Analytics account. Find a discrepancy? We’ll investigate it as part of our monthly support fee. All Mojo reports are simply Excel downloads – filter, sort, and analyze to your liking!

Integrations Galore

Native integrations with over 2 dozen fulfillment companies, a dozen merchant gateways, and a dozen media companies. The Mojo team monitors all integrations and exports realtime – included in our monthly support fee.

Google Analytics

Add your own Google Analytics code in Mojo Admin and we’ll place the right tags on every page of every site automatically. Turn eCommerce tracking on or off with a flip of a switch!

Excel Reports

The Mojo Dashboard will give you quick-glance statistics, but when you really need to dig into the data you’ll love that all Mojo reports are simply Microsoft Excel downloads!

Order Lookup

Search for any order by partial name, email address, phone number, order number, zip code, or city. Get full details about the visitor’s session, including choices made during the checkout process!

PayPal Express

Increase your mobile conversions with our PayPal Express integration – just connect to your PayPal account and it’s ready to go!

Digital Campaigns

Branch your traffic (and reporting) by source of traffic in seconds!

Conversion & Tracking Tags

Full support for 3rd party conversion pixels and tags.


Show a special version of your website to visitors from any country, state, or even city!

Fully Insured

Mojo is insured with an A.M. Best Guide Rating of A-VIII

Microsoft Azure

Mojo is built on the Microsoft Windows Azure cloud platform for ultimate scalability and reliability.  The same platform used by XBox and Office 365, Microsoft Azure is the best choice for today’s high-demand eCommerce needs.

PCI-DSS Compliant

We conduct continuous, daily security scans for all servers as well as a full PCI-DSS assessment every 90 days.  We use RSA 2048-bit keys and certificates and credit card data is encrypted to NSA “Secret” compliance levels. Your data is safe with us.

Scheduled Launches

Schedule your new website to launch at an exact time on an exact day – and schedule when it should come down, too!  Perfect for holidays, Cyber Monday, trade show specials…anything!

99.97 Uptime SLA

Mojo boasts an uptime SLA of 99.97% per month and we have never dipped below 99.95%.  All Mojo websites are monitored by our internal services as well as Pingdom Enterprise.


English? French? Spanish? German? Yes. Oui. Sí. Ja.


You have full control over the upsell flow – just drag and drop your upsells into a new order to test and increase your average order value.

Checkout Skins

Which checkout skin works best for your product? It’s easy enough to switch between skins and know for sure!

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