Deliver Killer Conversion Rates with Mojo PPC Landing Pages for eCommerce

Mojo eCommerce landing pages were built to help you sell more, faster. With a built-in suite of eCommerce features, sending targeting traffic from Google or Bing Ads to an all-in-one platform has never been easier.

Sell More with the Industry’s Best eCommerce Conversion Rates

The average conversion rate for most eCommerce platforms is under 2%. On Mojo, our clients experience, on average, 7% eCommerce conversion rates with some clients hitting the 30% mark…with millions of dollars in sales!

Sell More

Increase conversions

A/B test unlimited landing page variations to find the ones that convert best.

Test sales copy

Raise Quality Scores with sales copy variants to increase relevance and CTR.

Improve user experience

With lightning-fast load times, never lose a customer to impatience.

The Best PPC Landing Pages Focus on CRO

Mojo provides more CRO tools and features than any other eCommerce selling platform. Period. We also provide eCommerce landing page templates for free within the platform.


Conversion rate optimized PPC landing page templates

Built for entrepreneurs, marketers, or developers who may not be CRO experts, Mojo provides a wealth of PPC landing page templates so you can simply swap in your design assets and launch confidently in hours.

Unlimited landing page testing

A/B testing? How about A/B/C/D/E/F/G testing? It’s that easy with built-in upselling features, marketing copy tweaks, new pricing, bundles, and more.

Upsell, cross-sell, and down-sell with ease

Capitalize on customers in your funnel with Mojo’s built-in upselling features: showcase add-ons, introduce similar products, or update pricing to offer a solution that ensures a sale.

Own the User Experience

User experience is becoming more relevant within Google and Bing’s ad serving algorithms and with companies that want to differentiate themselves from the competition. Mojo allows you to focus on key elements of user experience to create seamless conversion rate optimized selling pages.

Complete branding control

Maintain your logos, brand colors, fonts and more with 100% customizable landing pages.

Super-fast page load times

95+ PageSpeed scores will satisfy even the most impatient customers. With automatic image optimization and other built-in page speed enhancing features, never worry about site speed again.


Enjoy complete design freedom with a built-in WYSIWYG that allows you to design beautiful landing pages with no developer.