The Challenge

Thane International, the worldwide direct response powerhouse, wanted to move away from its single Magento e-commerce site to micro sites for every product it sells, in every country it services.  The transition from a single online store serving over a dozen countries to individual micro sites was logistically and technical daunting.

The Solution

After a side-by-side trial between Mojo and another direct response vendor, Mojo was selected as Thane International’s new e-commerce platform.  Within 2 weeks the first site had already launched.  On-schedule, on-budget, and as-promised, dozens of direct response micro sites have been launched since.


Now each international team has the control necessary to make immediate changes to their online campaigns.



Not only did Mojo create over 150 websites on-time, we also completed nearly 20 different integrations worldwide to allow Thane to conduct business as usual.


Mojo’s built-in responsive web design solved Thane’s mobile woes with their Magento store.