The Challenge

Popular direct-response toy campaigns come with their share of challenges – sites marketing toward children are held to a strict set of legal guidelines, and children using their parents’ info to order cause major customer service issues & distort conversion rate.

The Solution

The DR industry may be chock full of kids products, but Mojo always knows how to make them stand out. From our gorgeous designs, to our easy-to-use checkout process, and our quick turnaround, Mojo’s web platform gives clients and customers alike a streamlined, pleasant experience every time. 


Mojo has templates on templates available to give you the design of your dreams, and our intuitive visual editor lets us (or you!) tweak & perfect the look you want down to the last pixel. Whether you want a continuation of your current brand or a brand-new look, Mojo has the power to do it faster!



COPPA compliancy is not something you take lightly. All Mojo websites for kids’ products are fully compliant!



Mojo’s easy-to-use platform provided Baff’s marketing team with all of the essential tools to make this product a hit. From our convenient client dashboards, to seamless Google Analytics integration, and even downloadable Excel reports, if you need statistics, we’ve got you covered.