The Challenge

Bunch O Balloons burst onto the direct-response scene in 2015 – an instant kids’ favorite that also minimized the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome in parents everywhere (have you ever tried to tie 100 water balloons in 60 seconds?). International toy distributors Zuru had taken the campaign from Kickstarter to worldwide success, and Mojo was there to help make it happen.

The Solution

Multiple international sites for a product marketed to kids? Easy! With tons of high-traffic sites in more than a dozen different countries & languages, we know how to handle the “world wide” part of the web. And when it comes to the strict policies that protect children’s privacy, our expertise in delivering fully compliant & kid-friendly e-commerce pages is second to none.

Making A Splash Worldwide

Location, Location, Location

With a variety of ready-to-use checkout skins in different languages & currencies, plus geotargeting capability that lets you show different site versions based on viewer location, the Mojo platform is the perfect choice for any international retailer!

Mobile Mastery

Mojo utilizes responsive web design to ensure that sites translate seamlessly & continue to convert orders on smaller screens – a critical feature for a campaign like Bunch O Balloons with over 75% of site visitors browsing on mobile devices.

Certified Kid-Friendly

Mojo guarantees every website we create meets all regulations enforced by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), protecting the personal information of children as well as site owners from legal action.