The Challenge

Let’s face it – there are so many floor cleaning products on the market today and all claim to be the best. When the client came to Mojo about the Click N Clean website, we knew we had to make it POP! How would we make this product stand out and shine amongst the rest?

The Solution

Easy! Mojo knew we had to clean up the competition with this site – and we did! Bright pops of color throughout the site, highlighting its amazing benefits, and showcasing all bonus items included, the Click N Clean website makes customers get excited about cleaning their floors!

Test for the Best

Testing different versions of a website can be a problematic, laborious process. With Mojo, A/B testing is a breeze! With a few clicks of a button, our clients can test different offers, marketing campaigns, and even page designs at the same exact time. But wait, there’s more! To make gathering statistics even simpler for a marketing team, our extensive list of different downloadable Excel reports are available to all clients!

Clean Mobile Design

Mojo knows that a lot of eCommerce occurs on mobile devices these days, so we understand the importance of good mobile design. All of our websites are built to look great on phones, tablets, and any other devices smaller than computers. In this day and age, effective responsive design is a must!

Spotless Design

Mojo has templates on templates available to give you the design of your dreams, and our intuitive visual editor lets us (or you!) tweak & perfect the look you want down to the last pixel. Whether you want a continuation of your current brand or a brand-new look, Mojo has the power to do it faster!