Cloud Pets

The Challenge

Cloud Pets are the critically acclaimed cuddly creatures with a smartphone app for kids of the internet age. But popular direct-response toy campaigns come with their share of challenges – sites marketing toward children are held to a strict set of legal guidelines, and children using their parents’ info to order cause major customer service issues & distort conversion rate. When Mojo inherited Cloud Pets from a competing vendor, their job was to quickly turnaround a high-traffic site with multiple offers while remaining brand-consistent as well as compliant with legal requirements.

The Solution

Mojo has launched dozens of successful direct-response toy sites over the years, so they knew the drill. In addition to building a site that visually echoed established branding, they ensured the site met all regulations enforced by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). But wait – there’s more! Mojo even created a custom age verification system that allowed Cloud Pets to effectively age-gate their site, improving conversion rate and limiting bad orders & headaches.

Sales on Cloud Nine

Mobile Is King

As should be expected from a website featuring a smartphone app, the Cloud Pets site gets 75% of its traffic from mobile devices. Mojo’s responsive web design ensured that the landing page translated elegantly from screen to screen, making site navigation on a smartphone as easy as on a desktop.

Simplifying Multiples

Cloud Pets offers a choice of six different pets and a quantity selection for each – not to mention the same amount of pets available as upsells. Mojo’s integrations kept order fulfillment running smoothly on the back end, while tested and proven design & offer selection pages kept the online shopping process simple & user-friendly.


COPPA Compliant

Like all of Mojo’s customers marketing to kids, this site is fully COPPA compliant, protecting the personal information of kids as well as site owners from legal action. Additional scripts or pop-ups, as with the age-gate here, can also be included to further limit unwanted activity.