The Challenge

Websites for kids’ products are always fun to take on! When the client came to us about the Comfy Critters campaign, we had to find a way to showcase all of the product offerings on the landing page, as well as additional licensed characters in a clean, concise way. Could we come up with a comfortable solution?

The Solution

Of course! Mojo knew the best course of action would be to create separate sections for each offering and brand of characters, including all logos to really make each section really pop and stand out from one another. The end result was a fun, site with even more fun products!

A Comfy Collaboration

When a client comes to us with their own in-house designer, we know that working together is crucial. Mojo’s design platform is so easy to use, client-side designers can gain access and make a lot of changes themselves! This gives clients the freedom to update their websites as often as they like, with whatever images they choose, at the drop of a hat!


Certified Kid-Friendly

COPPA compliancy is not something you take lightly.  Whenever we’re asked about COPPA compliance on our sites, we respond with a resounding YES! All Mojo websites for kids’ products are fully compliant!

Get Comfortable on a Small Screen

Mojo utilizes responsive web design to ensure that sites translate seamlessly & continue to convert orders on smaller screens – a critical feature for a campaign like Comfy Critters with an average of 80% of site visitors browsing on mobile devices.