The Challenge

When Jay at Play, the kids’ product dynamo behind break-out hits like Zippy Sack and FlipaZoo, approached Mojo about their new product, Cozy Wings, we knew we had to keep both parents and children engaged in the site. With so many D2C toys on the market, how would we set Cozy Wings apart from the rest?

The Solution

When we let our thoughts and ideas fly regarding the design of the Cozy Wings site, we knew what we had to do. All color offerings are showcased above the fold, as well as prominent callouts of product features and benefits. Durable AND machine washable? Sign us up!

Shop on the Fly


Let’s face it — today’s kids can navigate smart phones like CEOs, so responsive web design is more important than ever. With the Mojo platform, you can be sure your site presents beautifully on all screens, optimizing user experience & keeping conversion rates strong.


Simplifying Multiples


Cozy Wings offers 12 different styles to choose from and a quantity selection for each – not to mention the same number of dolls available as upsells. Mojo’s integrations kept order fulfillment running smoothly on the back end, while tested and proven design & offer selection pages kept the online shopping process simple & user-friendly.

Certified Kid-Friendly


With tons of sites through Mojo, Jay at Play had no doubt about safety & security of the Cozy Wings site. At Mojo, each of our sites are certified COPPA compliant, protecting children’s privacy rights with the most up-to-date legal requirements.