The Challenge

Websites for kids’ products are always fun to take on! When the client came to us about the CozyPhones campaign, we had to find a way to showcase all of the product offerings on the landing page, as well as additional licensed characters in a clean, concise way. For such a cool, unique product, we knew we had to make the CozyPhones site EXTRA special! Could we come up with a cozy solution?

The Solution

Of course! Mojo knew the best course of action would be to create separate sections for each offering and brand of characters, including all logos to really make each section really pop and stand out from one another. Plus, showing relatable kids wearing and using the product is sure to drive the sale home. The end result was a fun site with even more fun products!

Cozy Dreams on Small Screens

Today’s kids can navigate smart phones like CEOs, so responsive web design is more important than ever. With the Mojo platform, you can be sure your site presents beautifully on all screens, optimizing user experience & keeping conversion rates strong.


Options Galore

CozyPhones offers a whopping 16 different styles to choose from and a quantity selection for each – not to mention the same number of items available as upsells. Mojo’s integrations kept order fulfillment running smoothly on the back end, while tested and proven design & offer selection pages kept the online shopping process simple & user-friendly.


Certified Kid-Friendly

With tons of sites through Mojo, the client had no doubt about safety & security of the Cozy Phones site. At Mojo, each of our sites are certified COPPA compliant, protecting children’s privacy rights with the most up-to-date legal requirements.