Dash Cam Pro

The Challenge

Have you ever gotten into a car accident and been wrongly accused of being at fault? Did you have to pay thousands of dollars in insurance and legal fees? Do you wish you had proof that the accident wasn’t your fault? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you’re in luck! Introducing the DashCam Pro, the personal security camera for your car. With up to 14 hours of recording time and a full HD 120° wide angle video screen, you’ll have proof that the accident wasn’t your fault. The DashCam Pro just may be the most important tool you’ll ever own for your car!

The Solution

When the people at DashCam Pro reached out to Mojo, they had just left one of our competitors and were looking for something different. They were hoping to have a site that was new and refreshing but still recognizable as the same brand. After a slight re-branding to DashCam Pro, complete with a new logo and color scheme, Mojo was ready to design the website. The DashCam Pro website needed to be completed quickly, along with several other sites from the same marketing company. Luckily for them, Mojo always delivers!

Leave It To The Pros

Quick Turnaround

DashCam Pro needed to be launched very quickly, as well as several other websites from the same marketing team. Mojo always delivers in a timely fashion, and this was no different. The website was completed and published in under a week, along with the other products that had the same launch schedule. Our quick turnaround time is just one of our many benefits!


Staying On Brand

The DashCam Pro had been around for a little while before Mojo took on the project. After a re-branding effort from DashCam Pro’s designers, they had a new logo and color scheme, but the same overall feel. It was imperative that this carried over to the new website, as the product itself and target audience were staying the same. New brand identity and new web vendor, no problem for Mojo! We designed a beautifully branded sited that stayed true to the DashCam Pro brand, but felt new enough to distinguish itself from the original.

Responsive Web Design

Mojo’s built-in responsive web design ensured that DashCam Pro’s website would look great on any screen. This includes the built-in Live Chat function that enables the user to speak to a representative on the site. When we build websites, we guarantee that your customers will have a seamless experience on any device!