The Challenge

When DermaWand came to us for a website when knew that a saturated market of similar items all readily available at stores or online retailers, presents a bigger challenge when it comes to design and marketing. Could Mojo heat up the campaign & get DermaWand to stand out in the crowd? Spoiler Alert: Yup!

The Solution

Mojo’s years of experience creating direct-response websites & offers for traditional products shines through on the DermaWand site. A custom landing page deliberately crafted to echo brand marketing both explains the product & streamlines ordering, while site infrastructure & a host of native integrations provide plenty of options for testing.

Country-Specific Control

ICTV does business all over the world, so their websites need to cater to different countries. With Mojo’s help, we were able to create sites for DermaWand to sell in several countries, including the US and UK. Our user-friendly platform made it easy to make offer and design changes in one country, without effecting the other.


A/B Tests Galore

Testing different versions of a website can be a difficult and time-consuming process. With Mojo, A/B testing is a breeze! With just a few clicks of a button, our clients can test different offers, marketing campaigns, and even designs at the same time. And to make gathering statistics even simpler for a marketing team, our downloadable Excel reports are available to all clients!

Image is Everything

Keeping in stride with the upward trend of mobile browsing & buying, most notably for electronics, we paid special attention to ensure the small-screen user experience for the DermaWand site had all the functionality, ease, & aesthetic quality of the desktop version.