Devonne by Demi

The Challenge

Demi Lovato has 38,000,000 Facebook friends and 35,000,000 Twitter followers.  When Demi posts to social media, a tidal wave of millions of visitors hits the website within seconds. And with a fanbase like Demi Lovato’s, these young customers come via mobile devices by a factor of 5:1.  How do you build an infrastructure that can go from 500 visitors in one minute to hundreds of thousands just seconds later?

The Solution

We’re not going to lie.  When Demi first posted Devonne by Demi to her Facebook page in November 2014, it nearly crushed Mojo.  We underestimated how much traffic would be generated by her fans.  We quickly recovered and drastically upgraded our scalability potential.  We improved our Microsoft Azure CDN usage and ensured our cloud-based platform would adequately scale in the future.  Mission accomplished!

2 Years And Going Strong!


Over 100 Versions of the Website

There have been over 100 versions of the Devonne by Demi website since we first launched in 2014!

Responsive Web Design

Over 80% of Demi’s traffic comes from a mobile device.  Mojo’s responsive web design architecture ensures a seamless user experience.

Promo Codes

Demi wanted her fan club members to get a special gift at checkout, so Mojo created unique promo codes for each member.