The Challenge

Popular direct-response toy campaigns come with their share of challenges – sites marketing toward children are held to a strict set of legal guidelines, and children using their parents’ info to order cause major customer service issues & distort conversion rate.

The Solution

Mojo was built for kid’s products – we love them!  The Flip Zee Girls website is gorgeous and entertaining.  Our checkout flow is easy to understand and helps Flip Zee Girls maximize revenue per order.


Flip Zee Girls traffic is at least 75% mobile.  Mojo’s responsive web design made updates a snap!



FlipZee Girls offers 6 different dolls and a quantity selection for each – not to mention the same amount of dolls available as upsells. Mojo’s integrations kept order fulfillment running smoothly on the back end, while tested and proven design & offer selection pages kept the online shopping process simple & user-friendly.



COPPA compliancy is not something you take lightly. All Mojo websites for kids’ products are fully compliant!