The Challenge

When Mojo was approached about creating the Forged in Fire Knife website, inspired by The History Channel’s hit TV show, Forged in Fire, we knew we had to make this site sizzle. With so many knives on the market, how would we set it apart from the rest? 

The Solution

With a high-level endorsement from The History Channel and product demos this cool, the Forged in Fire Knife practically sells itself! We knew we had to highlight the low price point and the crisp, clean images – the result? A site that’s a cut above the rest!

Cutting Up in Mobile

With over 70% of its visitors coming from mobile devices, the Forged in Fire Knife website needed to be fully mobile-friendly. Our platform allowed us to create a site that seamlessly transitions to mobile, and still effectively conveys the benefits of the product.


Sharp Features

Design, price point, upsells, CTA – these are just a few ingredients that go into whipping up a successful DTC campaign. Mojo takes the stress & guesswork out of decision-making with its user-friendly A/B testing functionality, letting clients quickly determine the most cost-efficient campaign strategies.


Reliable Processing

With the support of Mojo’s ultra-reliable Microsoft Azure Cloud platform, the Forged in Fire Knife site is able to handle massive volume easily, while our advanced PCI-DSS-compliant security & encryption kept valuable customer data 100% safe – so no one has to know what you ordered.