The Challenge

ORB Factory, the masterminds behind smash hits like Glitter Petz, Pixel Pops, and Stick’n Style, rang in the new year of 2016 with their next big hit – Fuzzeez. The idea? A stuffed animal that kids can build at home. But with industry powerhouses like Build-A-Bear Workshop, how could Fuzzeez ensure that kids would want to take the toy-making home with them?

The Solution

The DR industry may be chock full of kids products, but Mojo always knows how to make them stand out. From our gorgeous designs, to our easy-to-use checkout process, and our quick turnaround, Mojo’s web platform gives clients and customers alike a streamlined, pleasant experience every time. When we help products like Fuzzeez rise to the top, it gives us a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

The Fuzziest of Friends

Country-Specific Control

With the Mojo platform, Fuzzeez are able to easily sell their products in both the US and Canada. Our system allows them to control one country’s website without affecting the other. This makes it much easier to separately track analytics, change pricing, include different offers, and much more!

Homepage Offers

To help streamline the order process, Mojo was able to include an Offer Selection section on the homepage of the Fuzzeez site. This makes it easier for the customer to see their options immediately. We find that this can help increase conversion rates and reduce abandoned orders.


COPPA Compliant

COPPA compliancy is not something you take lightly. All Mojo websites for kids’ products are fully compliant!