The Challenge

Everybody knows GAK! It was featured in every toy store, large and small, and you couldn’t turn on the TV without seeing at least one GAK commercial, for almost 3 decades. How would NSI International continue GAK’s success in 2018 for newer generations of children, while easily showcasing all of GAK’s fun products?

The Solution

The D2C industry may be chock full of kids products, but Mojo always knows how to make them stand out from the crowd. When we were approached about creating the GAK website, we knew that all of the individual GAK brand products needed to be showcased on one clean, concise landing page with an easy-to-use offer selection at the bottom for quick shopping and choice selection. Mojo’s web platform gives clients and customers alike a streamlined, pleasant experience every time.

The GAK Brand


GAK has been around for 3 decades – you don’t want to try recreating the wheel with a famous and well-known brand like this; if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Mojo found a way to bring GAK out of retirement with a fresh, fun, and exciting new website design that is both user-friendly, as well as eye-catching and entertaining.

Homepage Offers


GAK is back with not one but TEN exciting combinations! No problem, though; Mojo starts the checkout process on the landing page, where customers can easily choose their favorite GAK products before completing their order. This makes it easier for the customer to see their options immediately. We find that this can help increase conversion rates and reduce abandoned orders.


COPPA Compliant


COPPA compliancy is not something you take lightly.  Whenever we’re asked about COPPA compliance on our sites, we respond with a resounding YES! All Mojo websites for kids’ products are fully compliant!