Harvest Pressure Pro

The Challenge

Harvest’s Pressure Pro Cooker can make a kitchen hero out of anyone, a feat in & of itself. But a saturated market of similar items from formidable brands like CuisinArt, T-Fal, Kitchen Aid & more, all readily available at stores or online retailers, presents a bigger challenge. Could Mojo heat up the campaign & get Pressure Pro to stand out in the crowd? Spoiler Alert: Yup!

The Solution

Want to sell more online? We make it easier for customers to buy! Mojo designed Pressure Pro’s site with good-enough-to-eat graphics, engaging subpages bursting with recipes & tips, and a foolproof checkout process that makes selecting from a variety of model sizes, colors, & payment plans easier than one of Pressure Pro’s one-touch meals. Compliments to the chef!

Success Under Pressure

SKUs To Spare

We love a simple offer as much as the next web company, but it’s complex configurations like Pressure Pro’s that really let us show off. Custom selection page with 2 colors & 4 model sizes, 6 upsells available in multiple sizes & payment plans, & an online store offering 15 different accessories? Setting up 60+ offers isn’t just possible with Mojo – it’s a piece of cake.

Perfecting The Recipe

Design, price point, upsells, CTA – these are just a few ingredients that go into whipping up a successful DR campaign. Mojo takes the stress & guesswork out of decision-making with its user-friendly A/B testing functionality, letting clients like Harvest quickly determine the most cost-efficient campaign strategies.


Finishing Touches

Time is money – and when it’s YOUR money, you want things done fast! Mojo’s ready-to-use integrations, customizable designs, & single-click visual editing let us do it all faster than the competition – and, most importantly, do it right.



“Mojo has both ‘beauty and brains’, I say ‘beauty’ because all our websites are very appealing and designed with the consumer in mind and completed in a timely manner. ‘Brains’ because MOJO platform offers state of the art analytics tools on the back end, for an analytical mind like mine that’s a definite must have. I can do A/B testing, change marketing and/or pricing within minutes. Optimizing our campaigns and increasing conversions has never been this effortless, thanks to all that Mojo has to offer.”


Director of Marketing at Harvest Direct LLC

We build meaningful brands through Direct Response. Harvest Direct is a leading authority in direct response marketing and retail distributing and has created internationally successful product brands in a wide variety of categories such as housewares, fitness, entertainment, health and beauty, home and garden, toys and pet products. We specialize in complete product development from concept to consumer.

Whether it is just an idea or a fully developed product, Harvest Direct can make it a success!

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