Joe Cross Juicer

The Challenge

We all know that getting people to eat their fruits and veggies can be a difficult task, but what if they were to drink them instead? From weight loss guru Joe Cross, star of “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead,” comes the Joe Cross Juicer: a no-nonsense dual-speed juice fountain. Health products can be hit or miss in any industry, so what would be the most effective way of introducing this product into direct response and making sure it hits its target?

The Solution

No need to fear, in partnership with M2 Marketing and Management, Mojo is here! With our easy-to-use platform, Joe Cross Juicer’s transition into the direct response market was quick and painless. They have been able to easily test different offers and designs and have reached their audience in a whole new way. The site has been so successful that it was a finalist for Website of the Year at the 2016 ERA Moxie Awards!

Juiced Up

Website of the Year Finalist

Every year, the ERA Moxie Awards recognize the best in radio, television, online, and mobile direct response marketing. Joe Cross Juicer was a finalist for Website of the Year in 2016, being recognized as one of the best websites in the industry, citing the design, ease-of-use, and overall effectiveness of the site. This is not the first time a Mojo site has been nominated for this award, and we are certain that it will not be the last!

Apples, Bananas, and A/B Tests

One of the many benefits of Mojo is the ability to easily create A/B tests. Testing different offers, upsells, or even just different designs is a breeze on the Mojo platform. With a few clicks of a button, Joe Cross Juicer was able to test different combinations of offers and designs. What is even better is that they can see the results of these tests in seconds with our downloadable reports.

Responsive Web Design

With over 50% of its visitors coming from mobile devices, Joe Cross Juicer’s website needed to be fully mobile-friendly. Our platform allowed us to create a site that seamlessly transitions to mobile, and still effectively conveys the benefits of the juicer.


M2 Marketing And Management


“We juggle many different elements for each of our clients so we value the quick and easy set up for all of our Mojo websites. As ROI-driven marketers, we particularly appreciate the detailed reporting as well as the fact that Mojo gives us control to conduct a wide range of A-B tests on each site so we can constantly optimize performance based on results.”


Every direct to consumer marketing campaign is unique but they do have one thing in common – complexity. All of the moving parts can easily be overwhelming if you don’t have the expertise or full time staff to effectively plan, execute and optimize. M2 provides an end to end campaign management solution for brands ready to explore or expand a performance based advertising strategy.

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