The Challenge

We stepped up to take on the challenge of managing this high-traffic site while maintaining a branded look, testing multiple offers & integrations, and optimizing average orders.

The Solution

No matter how big the marketer, an e-commerce site needs essential tools, functionalities, & deliverables. That’s what Mojo does best – just faster, more cost-efficient, and easier than the rest!


Mojo’s design team created a site with a fresh, unique look to highlight the new features of the KitchenAid, at the same time incorporating enough of the original branding to be instantly recognizable as part of the product line. Our advanced visual editor gave us the power to bring the new look together in no time, not to mention create multiple production sites.



With over half their site visitors coming from mobile devices, we wanted to be sure the mobile experience for KitchenAid was just as effective as it was on desktop. To keep up our high conversion rate, we built custom add-ons into the original design template that included a one-page scrolling mobile site & other unique features.



Time is money – and when it’s YOUR money, you want things done fast! Mojo’s ready-to-use integrations, customizable designs, & single-click visual editing let us do it all faster than the competition – and, most importantly, do it right.