The Challenge

Some campaigns come to Mojo with a lot of moving parts and Measure & Made was no different. The client needed the customer experience to be clean and seamless, all while incorporating the different sizes and styles offered. Would it work?

The Solution

Mojo knew the best way to deliver the smoothest checkout process for Little Black Pant would be to create a custom size and style selector. 7 simple questions ensure the user’s going to get the best fit possible, making customer’s happy and saving the client customer service issues, questions, and returns.

Comfortable Customization

The client was able to breathe easy knowing Mojo had the ability to add desired customization to their website for things like pop-up notifications, banners, and a tailor-made size selector. Minor tweaks and additions like these can really add to the overall aesthetic of a site, as well as boost conversions.

A Perfect Fit on the Small Screen

Keeping in stride with the upward trend of mobile browsing & buying, most notably for electronics, we paid special attention to ensure the small-screen user experience for the Measure & Made site has all the functionality, ease, & aesthetic quality of the desktop version.

A/B Testing Galore

Testing different versions of a website can be a difficult and time-consuming process. With Mojo, A/B testing is a breeze! With just a few clicks of a button, our clients can test different offers, marketing campaigns, and even designs at the same time. And to make gathering statistics even simpler for a marketing team, our downloadable Excel reports are available to all clients!