Little Black Pant

The Challenge

Along with clothing being a difficult product to sell online, Little Black Pant has a large amount of traffic going to their site. It was uncertain as to whether or not the direct response market was the right fit for this kind of product. Furthermore, they were looking to have numerous different marketing campaigns going at the same time.

The Solution

Luckily, Mojo is built for a large traffic volume. Even with hundreds or thousands of visitors per day, our sites still perform. Along with a few customizations, including a FitFinder that ensures the buyer will find the correct fit, Little Black Pant has jumped to one of the most successful products on Mojo.

Little Black Pant Is Far From Little


Finding the Right Fit

Buying clothes online can be tricky, since you don’t know if something will fit or not. Little Black Pant’s custom FitFinder helps ensure that the customer is buying the right pants.

Massive Volume

With hundreds to thousands of visitors every day, Little Black Pant has one of the highest volumes of traffic on Mojo. Their site is still going strong, and it has become a very successful product.


Numerous Marketing Campaigns

Little Black Pant has several different marketing campaigns running on Mojo at any given time. With our easy-to-use platform, creating a new campaign is as simple as a few clicks of a button.



“Mojo helps build your business with a great start on an easy A/B testing platform to bring out the beauty of lifting conversion from day one. We never let up on improving results. Operationally, your order data is perfect, flawless. Best of all, your customer’s identity is protected from unauthorized third party exposure.”



If you’ve been amazed at the success of direct marketing programs for the P90X Workout, Mattel Barbie Collectibles, Chevrolet, Princess Cruises and countless other DR sensations including Beachbody, you’ve seen Eileen Fraser’s expertise and insight at work. Winner of multiple national and international awards, Eileen is the renowned rainmaker who can lift a healthy business to greater-than-ever profits, and who has the ability to fix business models leaving money on the table with every transaction.

As the founder and lead visionary of Vintage Marketing, she brings unparalleled infomercial and short form category experience in categories including Apparel, Beauty, Clothing, Collectibles, Education, Exercise Videos, Exercise Equipment, Finance, Footwear, Health, Housewares, Intellectual Properties, Nutritional Supplements, Pet Supplements, Skin Care, Tools, Water and Weight Loss.

All told, Eileen has worked with more than 100 highly successful DR clients.

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