The Challenge

MaxiClimber wanted to launch various marketing campaigns with ease. These campaigns would spread across multiple countries, including the US, the UK, Canada, and Mexico. With different countries comes different languages, forms of currency, and various other obstacles. Sounds difficult, right?

The Solution

With the ability to easily launch new marketing campaigns, Mojo quickly became MaxiClimber’s go-to e-commerce platform. After numerous campaigns, including English and Spanish versions of the site, MaxiClimber is still going strong. In fact, it has become one of Mojo’s most successful products to date. We like to think that our platform has played a large part in its success.

A Mojo Best Seller


Over 100 Different Marketing Campaigns

Since MaxiClimber first launched in 2014, there have been over 100 different versions of the site – some in English and some in Spanish.

Massive Volume

A product as successful as MaxiClimber wouldn’t get to where it is without a huge traffic volume – which has been a breeze for Mojo’s infrastructure.

Responsive Web Design

With Mojo’s built-in responsive design, MaxiClimber has been able to easily reach its mobile customers, who account for more than 75% of the site’s traffic.