The Challenge

The client came to us with a super cool new skin rejuvenation product, knowing Mojo really knew how to make a site pop! Trying to find a delicate balance between a beautiful site that’s packed with product information can prove to be a challenge for some – but not MOJO!

The Solution

When it comes to high-end, at-home beauty products, customers want to know that the item really works! Mojo knew we had to pack a punch with high-quality before-and-after photos and doctor recommendations, as well as where NEWA has been featured, such as ELLE Magazine and Forbes. The result? A site just as beautiful as your NEWA results.

Customization is Key

The client was able to breathe easy knowing Mojo had the ability to add desired customization to their website for things like banners at checkout. Minor tweaks and additions like these can really add to the overall aesthetic of a site, as well as boost conversions.

Image is Everything

Mojo opted for a crisp, sophisticated look with plenty of white space for the NEWA page, crafted to look as flawless & high-quality as the product itself. No need for hours of design labor & eye-popping costs – our versatile collection of custom templates (not to mention a killer design team) produced this beauty in no time.

Beauty on the Small Screen

With an average of more than 80% of their traffic coming from mobile devices, it was imperative that the NEWA website was fully functional on mobile. Luckily, Mojo uses fully responsive design – all of our sites look great on a small screen!