The Challenge

The team at OptiGrill came to Mojo looking to improve site performance for its As Seen On TV indoor grilling system. Initial response was good – but why settle there? With a healthy flow of site visitors, OptiGrill had the opportunity to test multiple designs & offer configurations early in the campaign, and needed  a web vendor that could keep up with their need to rapidly test & analyze results.  Could Mojo help optimize OptiGrill?

The Solution

You may not have enjoyed tests growing up, but with the Mojo platform they’re totally painless – and they can go a long way to helping your bottom line! They conducted multiple rounds of A/B testing on different site components, from logos, to button colors, to video creative, increasing both site conversion and SEO. Working in tandem with OptiGrill’s public relations company, Mojo also created content and graphics to coordinate with scheduled TV appearances. Integrating with various promotions, including Omaha Steaks, Good Housekeeping, and a Grocery Reward program, Mojo was able to successfully translate PR’s efforts to orders for a hugely successful campaign, earning OptiGrill a coveted place on Oprah’s “Favorite Things” List in 2015.

From Online to Oprah

A+ Testing Tools

If you love data, trends & reporting, you’ve come to the right place. A/B testing is one of the major advantages of the Mojo platform, and a simple user interface makes creating and implementing tests ridiculously fast & easy. You may want to test a different video or button color – just because you can! Mojo’s integrations with order fulfillment even let you A/B test different promo codes or discounts. And for the ultimate convenience in web testing, our handy scheduling feature will automatically launch or stop an A/B test at the date & time you set. Bet you never thought testing could be this fun!

Getting Hotter

Mojo’s heat map feature gave valuable insight into what visual components were generating the most interest with visitors, pointing designers in the right direction when creating different versions of the site. Rather than starting a new landing page from scratch, Mojo used data to back design choices for quicker turnaround and major results.


Integration, Integration, Integration

This volume of testing would never be possible without Mojo’s arsenal of merchant, fulfillment & media integrations, not to mention coordination with various other moving parts that make up a direct response campaign. More than just a pretty face, Mojo does the heavy lifting behind the scenes, directing traffic between vendors & ensuring that each transaction goes smoothly.



“Mojo helps build your business with a great start on an easy A/B testing platform to bring out the beauty of lifting conversion from day one. We never let up on improving results. Operationally, your order data is perfect, flawless. Best of all, your customer’s identity is protected from unauthorized third party exposure.”



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