Philips Airfryer

The Challenge

The call came to Mojo at 5pm on the Friday before Thanksgiving, 2014.  A major media campaign was underway and the site was underperforming.  The entire campaign was in jeopardy and they needed a solution fast.

The Solution

In just 6 hours, Mojo was ready with an entirely new Airfryer website.  New design, new marketing copy, new everything.  It was fully integrated with their existing fulfillment company and credit card merchant.  We were ready to take orders at 10am Monday morning.  By Tuesday we had tripled their conversion rate!

Fast, Faster, Fastest

Fast Turnaround

Philips needed the site fast – in hours.  And we delivered in less than 1 day!


Engage & Excite Visitors

Every online marketplace sells the Philips Airfryer – we needed to stand out!


The Philips Brand

When the Mojo site launched it fully complied with Philips’ extensive brand guidelines.