Philips Grill

The Challenge

Philips came to Mojo to see how their new Indoor Grill would perform in the DR market. As always, Mojo was eager to help them to succeed with their new product. However, this project came with one caveat: the site needed to be done in just a few days. They were going to start running media over the weekend, and it was imperative that the site be launched by then.

The Solution

By now, Philips and Mojo have a great working relationship – they ask us to design beautiful websites quickly, and we always deliver. The site was fully designed, tested, and launched by Friday morning – leaving plenty of time to start running media. We know that timing can make or break a campaign, so tight deadlines are not something Mojo takes lightly!

Grill & Chill


The Philips Brand

A brand as large as Philips’ has extensive branding guidelines which must be reflected on their websites. When Mojo launched the Philips Grill site, it fully complied with those guidelines. We are experienced with large clients and always stay on brand!

Fast Turnaround

Philips needed the site fast. The brand new site was designed, tested, and launched in just a few days. Our platform allows us to create websites in no time. No deadline is too short for Mojo!


Engage & Excite Visitors

Popular brands like Philips are sold on almost every online marketplace, so we needed to make our site stand out. We were able to design a beautiful site that also stayed on brand. And like all Mojo sites, it looks great on mobile too!