The Challenge

Plexaderm, an anti-aging skincare line, needed a design that would combine the aesthetic of a high-end corporate site with the functionality of a sophisticated e-commerce cart. Could Mojo create a site with the looks AND the brains? You bet – it’s kind of our thing.

The Solution

The new Plexaderm site was fully tested & ready to go in under a week, with a stunning facelift courtesy of the Mojo design team. Marrying form & function, Mojo quickly delivered a sharp, clean site that conveyed product branding while converting like a direct-response campaign with easy-to-use offer selection boxes.

Maybe’s She’s Born With It … Maybe It’s Mojo

Quick Turnaround

Time is money – and when it’s YOUR money, you want things done fast! Mojo’s ready-to-use integrations, customizable designs, & single-click visual editing let us do it all faster than the competition – and, most importantly, do it right.

Image Is Everything

Mojo opted for a crisp, sophisticated look with plenty of white space for the Plexaderm page, crafted to look as flawless & high-quality as the product itself. No need for hours of design labor & eye-popping costs – our versatile collection of custom templates (not to mention a killer design team) produced this beauty in no time.

Challenge-Free Checkout

A user-friendly offer selection on the landing page let Plexaderm site visitors easily understand & select from different offers, continuity programs, & special promotions, saving customers from frustration & our client from customer service headaches.