The Challenge

Cleaning products typically do pretty well in the As Seen On TV market, and Rain-X is no different. So, how do you take something that is already a hit and make it even more popular? That was our challenge.

The Solution

Already voted as Product of the Year for 2017, Rain-X was confident in their product’s ability to perform. Mojo took that confidence and created a clean site for their customers to navigate and ultimately checkout.


To help streamline the order process, Mojo was able to include an Offer Selection section on the homepage of the Rain-X site. This makes it easier for the customer to see their options immediately. We find that this can help increase conversion rates and reduce abandoned orders.


A user-friendly offer selection on the landing page let Rain-X site visitors easily understand & select from different offers & special promotions, saving customers from frustration & our client from customer service headaches.


Keeping in stride with the upward trend of mobile browsing & buying, most notably for electronics, we paid special attention to ensure the small-screen user experience for the Rain-X site had all the functionality, ease, & aesthetic quality of the desktop version.