The Challenge

When ROXI came to us to create a site, they had a specific vision in mind – clean lines, prominently featured celebrity endorsements, and a way to really seal the deal with customers for a somewhat expensive product. How would Mojo create not only a beautiful website, but one that sells? 

The Solution

Mojo was able to create a harmonious balance between ROXI’s overall aesthetic, as well as showcasing all of the amazing features that sets ROXI apart from competitors. 2 minute set-up, voice-activated commands, built-in games and sound machine…now that’s music to our ears!

Country-Specific Control

A name-brand company like ROXI does business all over the world, so their websites need to cater to different countries. With Mojo’s help, we were able to create sites for ROXI to sell in several countries, including the US and UK. Our user-friendly platform made it easy to make offer and design changes in one country, without effecting the other.

Mobile Music

With an average of more than 70% of their traffic coming from mobile devices, it was imperative that the ROXI website was fully functional on mobile. Luckily, Mojo uses fully responsive design – all of our sites look great in mobile!


A/B Tests Galore

Testing different versions of a website can be a difficult and time-consuming process. With Mojo, A/B testing is a breeze! With just a few clicks of a button, our clients can test different offers, marketing campaigns, and even designs at the same time. And to make gathering statistics even simpler for a marketing team, our downloadable Excel reports are available to all clients!

M2 Marketing And Management


“We juggle many different elements for each of our clients so we value the quick and easy set up for all of our Mojo websites. As ROI-driven marketers, we particularly appreciate the detailed reporting as well as the fact that Mojo gives us control to conduct a wide range of A-B tests on each site so we can constantly optimize performance based on results.”


Every direct to consumer marketing campaign is unique but they do have one thing in common – complexity. All of the moving parts can easily be overwhelming if you don’t have the expertise or full time staff to effectively plan, execute and optimize. M2 provides an end to end campaign management solution for brands ready to explore or expand a performance based advertising strategy.

Established in 1999, M2 has worked on over 300 direct response marketing campaigns. They have collaborated with Bare Minerals, Oreck, Metamorphosis by Tracy Anderson, Omaha Steaks, Dirt Devil, Breville, Tria Beauty and Gwynnie Bee to name just a few. From the initial stages of research and financial forecasting to vendor management and analytics, M2’s dedicated team has extensive experience guiding successful campaigns across multiple marketing channels.

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