The Challenge

When Sensica came to Mojo with a new hair removal product, we knew they had come to the right place. The biggest questions that arise with hair removal systems is ‘does this really work?’ and ‘what am I getting for my money?’ With so many hair removal products on the market, Mojo knew we had to really make SensiLight Mini 50 stand out from the rest. But how?

The Solution

The best approach for a product like SensiLight Mini 50 is to really highlight all of it’s amazing features – and that’s exactly what we did! The alluring price-point, quality user testimonials, and multiple sections emphasizing its awesome features – who wouldn’t want one?!

Zapping Orders on Mobile

With an average of more than 90% of their traffic coming from mobile devices, it was imperative that the SensiLight Mini 50 website was fully functional on mobile. Luckily, Mojo uses fully responsive design – all of our sites look great on a small screen!

A Painless Checkout

A user-friendly offer selection on the landing page let SensiLight site visitors easily understand & select from different offers, continuity programs, & special promotions, saving customers from frustration & our client from customer service headaches.

Image is Everything

Mojo opted for a crisp, sophisticated look with plenty of white space for the SensiLight Mini 50 page, crafted to look as flawless & high-quality as the product itself. No need for hours of design labor & eye-popping costs – our versatile collection of custom templates (not to mention a killer design team) produced this beauty in no time.