Shake Weight

The Challenge

In 2009, an exercise product unlike any the world had seen was shaking up the internet in a huge way. The product? You guessed it – the Shake Weight. The commercial went viral almost instantly, spawning tons of parodies and making appearances on everything from the Ellen DeGeneres Show to South Park. To date, the official YouTube commercial has over 4 million views .Six years later, in 2015, the creators entrusted Mojo to keep the momentum going with its newest extension of the product line, the Shake Weight Roll.

The Solution

No matter how big the marketer, an e-commerce site needs essential tools, functionalities, & deliverables. That’s what Mojo does best – just faster, more cost-efficient, and easier than the rest! For the Shake Weight Roll, we included everything our client needed to ensure the product line’s continued success, like foreign language checkout carts, multiple audience-specific landing pages, brand-consistent design, and – of course – the same reliable, sturdy infrastructure that powers every Mojo site.

Shake It Up

Brand New

Mojo’s design team created a site with a fresh, unique look to highlight the new features of the Shake Weight Roll, at the same time incorporating enough of the original branding to be instantly recognizable as part of the product line. Our advanced visual editor gave us the power to bring the new look together in no time, not to mention create multiple production sites targeting male & female buyers and a German-language site with custom checkout cart.

Knowledge Is Power

From quick-glance, top-line statistics located on our convenient client dashboards to downloadable Excel reports & seamless Google Analytics integration, the Mojo platform put everything Shake Weight’s marketing team needed to optimize their campaign right at their fingertips.

Built For Sales

Built on the same Microsoft Azure Cloud platform used by Fortune 100 companies around the globe, Mojo was the natural choice for an e-commerce campaign on the scale of Shake Weight. And with an uptime SLA of 99.7% per month plus NSA-level encryption & security, our client could rely on Mojo to consistently capture every order & keep their valuable data safe.