The Challenge

Some clients come to Mojo with A LOT of vision, and SHEEX was one. They were worried about tailoring a D2C marketing strategy around bedding – expensive bedding, at that. SHEEX is a big investment and buyers may be leery — how would Mojo do it?

The Solution

Easy! Research, research, research! Mojo researched a laundry-list of competitor bedding sites and knew we had to top theirs. We opted for clean lines, simple graphics, and a ‘featured in’ section that any customer would want to get in bed with.

Don't Sleep on the Details


The client slept well at night knowing Mojo had the ability to add desired customization to their website for things like pop-up notifications, banners, and a tailor-made checkout page. Minor tweaks and additions like these can really add to the overall aesthetic of a site, as well as boost conversions.


Comfortable Features


SHEEX are a hit, and quickly gained popularity and was featured in such magazines as Men’s Health, People, Marie Claire, and The Huffington Post, just to name a few. By now, we here at Mojo are seasoned veterans, and know how to create sites for products that sell.

Laying Down Mobile


Keeping in stride with the upward trend of mobile browsing & buying, most notably for electronics, we paid special attention to ensure the small-screen user experience for the SHEEX site has all the functionality, ease, & aesthetic quality of the desktop version.