Soda Stream

The Challenge

Do you love soda, but hate having to go all the way to the store to buy it? Do you ever wish you had a healthy alternative to soda that you could make right at home? Well, you’re in luck! Introducing the Soda Stream, a low calorie, easy-to-use soda making kit. Just add tap water, turn it on, and voilà – you’ve got soda! This product came to Mojo in 2014 looking to revolutionize the soda industry. So, what could Mojo do to help the Soda Stream shake things up?

The Solution

In 2014, Mojo was starting to make a splash in the DR industry, designing sites for some big brand names and helping them become even bigger. When Soda Stream came to us, we knew exactly what to do. A well-known brand needs to keep the branding consistent across all platforms. And quick turnaround is always a good thing – we completed and launched the site in under a week. When it comes to designing websites and making our clients happy, Mojo doesn’t mess around!

Soda Poppin’ Bottles

Quick Turnaround

When a company uses Mojo as their web platform, we guarantee to get them a completed website ASAP. Whether you need it in a week or a month, you can rest assured that you’ll get a gorgeous website on time. The Mojo platform was designed to build websites as quickly as possible, and Soda Stream is a good example of that. We handed them a complete, fully functioning site in under a week. We pride ourselves on our ability to fully design and test our websites in no time!


Strict Branding

Soda Stream is a well-known brand that has been coming out with at-home soda kits for years. The Flat to Fizzy Kit is a little different than their original product line, but is still under the Soda Stream brand. Therefore, the website must follow the strict branding guidelines. Mojo is no rookie when it comes to designing sites for large clients, so we were able to provide a well-branded, beautiful looking site in no time!

Responsive Web Design

With the rise of mobile devices in the last decade, the need for responsive web design has also risen. Sites need to function properly and look great on mobile, which for some can be a challenge. Not for Mojo! All of our sites are fully mobile-friendly, and offer just as great of an experience on small screens as they do on larger screens.