TapouT XT

The Challenge

Inspired by the popular TapouT brand, TapouT XT came into the direct response world aiming to take over the home exercise market. Created by pro fitness trainer Mike Karpenko, this extreme MMA workout routine comes with 12 DVDs that promise to help you burn fat, build lean muscle, and shred your abs. This 90 day fitness plan is not for the faint of heart – as TapouT says, “We don’t give away TapouT bodies… you have to earn them with sweat!”

The Solution

Mojo began building the TapouT site in mid-2014. By that time, we had already been experienced with building sites for diet and exercise plans. The goal was to stick to the TapouT brand, while also making the site different enough to showcase it as a separate product. With a main product that boasts such extreme results, people would naturally want to see more products that can make those results even better. Luckily, the Mojo platform makes it easy to create accessories sites, and we built a stand-alone TapouT Store page to showcase some of the TapouT accessories.

Extreme Results


Staying On Brand

Sometimes a trusted brand name can be the deciding factor in making a purchase, and it was no different in this case. A customer looking to get into shape would be more inclined to follow an exercise plan from a big brand like TapouT – a huge name in both the MMA world and fitness & exercise market – so it was important for the TapouT XT site to stay true to that brand.

Custom Accessories Page

Fitness & exercise plans can only do so much if the customer doesn’t have the right equipment. Mojo’s solution? Accessories page. We can showcase the accessories that make your product even better, all on one page! Need somewhere to keep your pre-workout protein shake? Try the TapouT shaker bottle! Tired of going to work all sweaty after your morning workout? Clean up with the TapouT exercise towel! Want more toned muscles? Resistance bands! You get the picture… Accessories can make a great product even greater.

Mobile Mastery

Mojo is all about perfecting the details – from design, to marketing copy, to offer setup, we will give you a quick and painless experience. Part of this experience is making sure that your site looks great and functions well on mobile. A site like TapouT XT sees over 50% of its visitors on mobile devices, so it is extremely important to have a effective mobile experience.