The Challenge

Mojo is always happy to take on a new challenge, especially when it comes to up-and-coming trends. When the team behind The Crypto Wealth Guru approached us, we were quick to accept. But could we learn about cryptocurrencies in a comprehensive fashion to turn the site around within two weeks?

The Solution

Within 2 weeks, we were able to not only create a website that fit all of their needs, but on top of that we were able to implement A/B testing campaigns all the while making sure thousands of transactions followed through smoothly.

Mobile Magic

We wanted to be sure the mobile experience for The Crypto Guru was just as effective as it was on desktop. To keep up our high conversion rate, we built custom add-ons into the original design template that included a one-page scrolling mobile site & other unique features.


Safety First

At Mojo, we use RSA 2048-bit keys & certificates, encrypt credit card data to NSA “Secret” compliance levels, and conduct continuous security scans on all our servers with full PCI-DSS assessments every 90 days.


Quick Turnaround

Mojo always delivers in a timely fashion, and this was no different. The website was completed and published in under a week, along with the other products that had the same launch schedule. Our quick turnaround time is just one of our many benefits!