The Perfect Dog

The Challenge

From world-renowned dog trainer Don Sullivan comes a new way to train your dog, called The Perfect Dog. Complete with a special collar, leash, training guide, and DVDs featuring Don himself, this product hit the market in 2015 aiming to take some of the stress out of owning a dog. Pet products are pretty common, especially in the direct response industry. So, how would Mojo make sure that The Perfect Dog scores a Perfect 10?

The Solution

With Mojo’s innovative and easy-to-use platform, we were able to create a beautiful e-commerce site for The Perfect Dog in a matter of days. Along with an aesthetically pleasing site that highlights the benefits of the product, the Mojo checkout process makes ordering a breeze. Pet products often have a large traffic volume, and The Perfect Dog is no different. However, this is no problem for Mojo’s infrastructure, built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud, which can handle thousands of customer every day with ease.

Every Dog Has Its Day


Perfect Scores

With a consistently high conversion rate, The Perfect Dog has become one of the most successful products on Mojo. If your neighbor’s dog is no longer keeping you up at night, chances are you have Don Sullivan and The Perfect Dog to thank.

Massive Volume

Thanks to Mojo’s infrastructure, built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud, The Perfect Dog’s massive traffic volume is no problem! Even with hundreds to thousands of visitors every day, Mojo’s reliable platform with a 99.97% uptime SLA ensures that their site performs smoothly on a daily basis.

Power In Numbers

Mojo’s easy-to-use platform provided The Perfect Dog’s marketing team with all of the essential tools to make this product a hit. From our convenient client dashboards, to seamless Google Analytics integration, and even downloadable Excel reports, if you need statistics, we’ve got you covered.