the power of positive product reviews

32% increase with troodat!


This chart shows the actual impact of troodat! reviews on a Mojo website in April 2016.  The conversion rate for FlipaZoo increased 32% since the launch of troodat!  The only change in the FlipaZoo website has been the inclusion of the new troodat! reviews page.

The Challenge

How do you convince a web visitor you can be trusted?  Your marketing copy can only go so far. The answer is product reviews, ideally by trusted sources. Online customer reviews become increasingly important each year. Today, if you don’t have customer reviews on your site then you’re at a serious disadvantage to the big online retailers.

The Solution

The solution isn’t fake reviews, that’s for sure.  And fake reviews can be spotted a mile away by today’s savvy web visitor.  Mojo’s seamless integration with troodat! is the ultimate answer.  The troodat! platform has amazing SEO benefits and the best reputation management controls we’ve seen, which is critical in the direct response industry.

Dominate Organic Search Results in Google

In just 4 weeks, the troodat! reviews for FlipaZoo dominated the organic search results in Google…even beating Amazon!

Not only are the troodat! reviews at the top of the results, each review has a perfect page title and graphical representation of the positive ratings.

Reviews powered by troodat! show up on your Mojo website domain, not on  This means your domain benefits from the incredible SEO boost, not troodat! itself.

Own Your Reviews

Proudly display your troodat! reviews on your Mojo website instantly – no coding required.  Our seamless integration with the troodat! platform means you can be up and running in minutes.

As visitors read the amazing reviews for your product, ordering is just a click away on the same page!

Troodat is the answer!

Increased Conversion Rate

Mojo websites with troodat! reviews convert more visitors to buyers.  FlipaZoo had its conversion rate go up by 32% overnight!


The Content Visitors Want

Customers want reviews, period.  Trustworthy reviews carry more weight than marketing copy alone.


Mojo and troodat! are seamlessly integrated.  We can launch a new troodat! campaign the same day!