The Challenge

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, a new product came from behind to remind us there’s no market direct response can’t reach. Making a website that catered to both children and adults was the challenge that Trumpy Bear brought to Mojo.

The Solution

You may not have enjoyed tests growing up, but with the Mojo platform they’re totally painless – and they can go a long way to helping your bottom line! They conducted multiple rounds of A/B testing on different site components, from logos, to button colors, to video creative, increasing both site conversion and SEO.


We designed a custom offer selection page that streamlined the ordering process & presented beautifully on any screen – an absolute must for a site with over 75% of visitors browsing on a mobile device.



With the support of Mojo’s ultra-reliable Microsoft Azure Cloud platform, the Trumpy Bear site was able to handle unprecedented order volume without a hitch, while our advanced PCI-DSS-compliant security & encryption kept valuable customer data 100% safe – so no one has to know what you ordered.



This volume of testing would never be possible without Mojo’s arsenal of merchant, fulfillment & media integrations, not to mention coordination with various other moving parts that make up a direct response campaign. More than just a pretty face, Mojo does the heavy lifting behind the scenes, directing traffic between vendors & ensuring that each transaction goes smoothly.