The Challenge

LifeWalker came to Mojo to build a website for their new upright rollator product, UPWalker, with a lot of ideas, concepts, and data. Not only did Mojo need to build them a beautiful website, but we had to keep in the forefront of our minds that the site needed to be, first and foremost, extremely senior-friendly.

The Solution

Mojo took its widespread knowledge and experience within the D2C market, as well as extensive team collaboration, to provide the client exactly what they wanted. The UPWalker site boasts clear, easy-to-read fonts, product case studies, and an extensive FAQs page – all of the information a customer would want on the product, right at their fingertips!


A Perfect Fit


LifeWalker rolled out (pun intended!) 2 new sizes of the UPWalker, so naturally we had to come up with a way for customers to purchase their correct size. But how? Mojo was able to quickly and efficiently create a custom survey tailored around a series of questions, as well as a sizing chart, to ensure a proper fit for the customer.


All Hands on Deck


UPWalker needed multiple different URLs set up for various different marketers involved in the campaign. Not a problem! Mojo can quickly and efficiently set up as many marketing campaign URLs a client needs to easily streamline the reporting process.


Questions Galore


With a medical product such as UPWalker, a client can expect extensive customer questions regarding sizing, features, and functionality. The client provided Mojo with a list of pretty much every single question (and answer) someone could think up – from braking features, wheel functionality across various floorings, and even insurance coverage possibilities – which we added to a separate and convenient FAQs subpage. This saves the shopper time on the phone with customer service and can boost conversions!