The Challenge

Designing for kid’s products can be tough – especially for one of the best selling kid’s products of the past few years. The design has to be entertaining, yet simple enough to cater to kids. At the same time, it has to support the complex offers that sometimes come with these types of products.

The Solution

Luckily, Mojo is built for kid’s products. The Wubble site is engaging and easy to navigate for everyone – children included! Complex offers? No problem! Our checkout flow makes the process quick and painless.

4 Products in 1 Checkout

Simple Checkout Process

Along with the original Wubble Ball, Wubble has several different products to offer – the Wubble Glow, Wubble X, and Tiny Wubble. With the Mojo platform, we were able to sell all 4 products on the same site with a simple checkout process.

Massive Volume

With hundreds of visitors every day, Wubble is one of the sites with the highest volume of traffic on Mojo. This is no problem for Mojo’s infrastructure, built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud.


COPPA Compliant

COPPA compliancy is not something you take lightly.  All Mojo websites for kids’ products are fully compliant!