The Challenge

Cleaning products typically do pretty well in the As Seen On TV market, and ZAP is no different. So, how do you take something that is already a hit and make it even more popular? That was our challenge.

The Solution

What kind of website should a cleaning product have? A clean one, of course. With Mojo’s sleek, fully responsive website designs, we were able to give ZAP just what they were looking for. ZAP has become one of the most successful products on Mojo, with one of the highest conversion rates.

Converting Like a Champ

Consistently High Conversion Rate

Since ZAP started using Mojo, they have consistently had one of the highest conversion rates out of any of our products.

Sleek Web Design

ZAP’s website is clean and pretty to look at. Our fully responsive design makes sure that it looks great on mobile, too.

Multiple Languages

ZAP’s success in the U.S. led them to branch out to other countries, including Mexico. The Mojo platform made the transition to Spanish quick and painless.